Mikel the Marijuana Maven

When it comes to looking at Mikel’s political stances–and his primary campaign focus–legalizing marijuana is probably near the top. As far political issues go, when it comes to what should be guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, we guess that Mikel would be fine with replacing the current 2nd Amendment with the Right to Bear Bongs.

Here is a wrap-up of some of Mikel’s favorite Marijuana-related resources and site.

NORML of Arizona

norml-arizonaMIkel Weisser is the Executive Director of the NORML in Arizona. That means he is pretty busy trying to get weed legalized in a pretty red state–best of luck, MIkel. In case you don’t know what NORML is, here is a description of what they do from their website:

We are a statewide cannabis advocacy organization. We support AZ’s cannabis community: medical patients, the dispensary industry and the general AZ cannabis consuming public. Our mission is to improve AZ’s attitudes on cannabis to the point legalization and acceptance are possible. We hold public meetings, give legislative presentations and monitor cannabis legislation, create cannabis-themed entertainment events, provide guest lectures at social and political clubs and cannabis training centers, debate prohibitionists, print and distribute cannabis info, assist in legalization campaigns, do court support for cannabis defendants and maintain a website and social media presence for community engagement.

Head Shop Headquarters

mikel weisser loves bongsYou can’t be an advocate of legalizing marijuana without having a large bong collection. Because Head Shop Headquarters in an online headshop with discrete shipping, Mikel can get his fix at home on the DL.

What makes Head Shop Headquarters specials is that they aren’t just a head shop that peddles other brands products. Yes, they have Grav LabsĀ products and other great brands, but what really sets them apart is that they have their own line of products. To find out more about them, check them out online at https://www.headshopheadquarters.com/.

I think that once Mikel finally wins a Congressional race, he could be a good spokesman for a head shop or a chain of dispensaries.

The Cannabist

the-cannabistYou cannot truly be a connoisseur of ganja without keeping your finger on the pulse of the ever-changing climate of legalization issues. The CannabistĀ is a great resource for getting daily news updates into the world of weed. You can find reviews for bongs, you can keep up with the most recent changes in political agendas as it pertains to marijuana legalization.

What Mikel likes the most about The Cannabist is that they have an awesome “Find a Store Near You” tool. That way when he is traveling, he always knows where he can get marijuana on the go!