Mikel’s Magic Musk: Pheromones for Love

Everyone has areas in which they excel. I won’t necessarily say it is my calling in life–to lose–but I’m pretty darn good at it.

Although, if you look at some of the greats throughout history, they didn’t always have stellar track-records before they finally won bigly.

  • Rocky suffered a great loss to Apollo Creed before having the opportunity to have a rematch, allowing him to become the heavyweight champion. (He got Adrian, #doublevictory)
  • Neville Longbottom basically spent the first 6 books as a total loser, and ended up a total hottie–and scored a girl at the end of the last book.

I could have gone with the story of Abraham Lincoln and how he lost election after election, from State Legislature, to Senator, to VP candidate, to later successfully become the President of the United States. However, I know it is foolish to think that my continual losing streak in politics could in any way mirror that of the late Abraham Lincoln. Therefore, I think it is only fair that I model what I hope will be my story, after a more realistic tale–I realize for me to hold political office, the journey to accomplish this would be become that of legends. A saga, much like Lord of the Rings, that would become a part of oral tradition held in the same regards as the story of Creation and the Ride of Paul Revere.

While I am the butt of many a joke in relation to politics, an area in which I hardly ever lose is in the romance department.

I have many things going for me, my stylish ensemble, my continual work to bolster the liberal agenda, and most importantly I have a special ingredient to my success. I won’t call it my “Love Potion #9,” (but between you and I…) I call it Mikel’s Magic Musk.

Mikel’s Magic Musk is my own chemical concoction based on human pheromones, the ashes of burnt campfire wood, and unfiltered tears. I’ve told friends about this before, and they are always like, “Mikel, do human pheromones really work?” And I’m like, “Duh, it is science…”

Let me know what you think. I think I’m going to bottle up some samples and send them to my readers. If you are interested, send me a message on Twitter telling me: Mikel, I want some Mikel’s Magic Musk! Even better tweet me publicly so we can let the world know about how effective pheromones, campfire ash, and unfiltered tears are as a scent to attract the other sex! And use the hashtag: #mikelssweetsmellingvictory