Every child should be guaranteed equal access to high quality public schools regardless of where they live or how much their family earns. This requires a substantial federal investment in education through levelling funds and support services for children and their families.


Real justice means shifting away from a model of crime and punishment and instead nurturing healthy communities and community members. We can begin by improving education, job training and health care for prisoners; restoring felons’ rights; and addressing racial disparities in our justice system.


Our country’s prosperity is dependent on the contributions of our immigrants. We need policies that make it easier to immigrate legally and we need a process that allows undocumented people to become full members of our American family. Our current laws shred families, destabilize communities and jeopardize our economy.


Too many Americans receive too little from the economy in which they invest their time, talent and treasure. We need innovative revenue reform policies that make our economy more democratic and equitable—and that protect the political process from the corrupting influence of corporate campaign contributions.


We must immediately attend to the imminent dangers of climate change. Its effects are already heavily impacting our rural poor, whose health and livelihood are highly dependent on natural resources that are affected by climate change. It is imperative that sustainability come to the foreground in every public policy decision.