Donald Trump and the Health Care Act

Uh oh. It looks like Donald Trump might be getting in over his head. Unfortunately for him and the rest of the GOP, the Affordable Care Act didn’t just disappear like Donald assumed it might. Quickly, someone throw that guy an infant life jacket┬áso he doesn’t drown. You know, because of his tiny hands…that makes him an infant. Or maybe it is because of his insistent child-like attitude. Either way, here is some fact-checking of the toddler.

If you look at what he promised before the election, and what is happening now, there seems to be an issue.

Mikel wouldn’t have allowed this to happen. When Mikel says “I’ll do something.” He always does. So, until he does get elected, we will deal with this clown. Which is probably best, because infants like clown…so to each their own.