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Mikel Weisser's new site is coming soon!

(We know we've had that "Coming Soon" message up for a few months, but we promise your patience will be rewarded)

Weisser is a Democratic candidate for the United State House of Representatives in Arizona's Congressional District 4.

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About Mikel

Congressional Candidate in Arizona's Legislative District 4

Mikel Weisser traveled America by thumb as a teen, married well, and raised one son. He has an MA from the University of Illinois at Springfield and an M Ed from NAU. He apprenticed in the robust Springfield Poetry scene for 13 years before moving to Western Arizona in 2001. Weisser teaches middle school US History and Constitution, is a member of NORAZ poets, and is the State Director for NORML Arizona. He and his wife Beth reside in quiet So-Hi, Arizona.


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Phone: 928.234.5633

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