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When you poor-mouth someone's hard work online--someone with unlimited internet powers--be ready to face the consequences. These are yours, Mikel Weisser.

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About Mikel

Mikel has big city ideas and cool things like interns (that work for free because they want to help legalize marijuana).

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Some Fun Facts about Mikel
Elections lost
15 %
Positive feedback
Pizzas ordered
$ 9,507,328
Campaign dollars wasted
Inspired Thoughts --lol--

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mikel weisser loves bongs

Mikel the Marijuana Maven

When it comes to looking at Mikel’s political stances–and his primary campaign focus–legalizing marijuana is probably near the top. As far political issues go, when it comes to what should …

Buying Domains in Donald Trump’s Name

Dear Mikel, We couldn’t help but notice you Retweeted this yesterday. We thought it was ironic that YOU of all people would Retweet this…given your current predicament. But maybe laughter …